Five Easy Ways to Get a Lean Body Fast and Safely

Before we dive into the specifics of each method, please note that swift does not mean overnight. Your body is a complex, yet beautiful, temple that only responds to consistency. No matter the routine you choose, be consistent and challenge your limits each day. Plus, you always have the Modere Lean Body System to enhance your results.

Let us dive right in, now.

1. Cut the panic and hit the snooze button

Are you surprised to find ‘rest’ at the top of a list for ‘easy ways to get lean?’ Believe it or not, rest plays a crucial part in your journey of getting leaner. Some of the important hormones in your body, such as the growth hormone, show optimal activity in the night, as soon as you fall asleep. Furthermore, if your body is sleep deprived, it is likely to store fat, taking it as a sign of stress. That’s right! Things will go in the exactly opposite direction.

That brings us to the next thing that you must avoid, panic. Just like life outside the gym, unfailingly, panic makes us commit an error. In this case, panic will make you overdo cardio. Once again, that will result in the undesirable outcome of your fat getting stored.

2. Hit the hill

Up-hill sprints have proven to show incomparable results for anyone wanting to get lean in a jiffy. Hill sprinting is different from other forms of cardio workouts. We would even like to go ahead and state without hesitation that no other cardio-type workout results in fat loss while also building muscle as swiftly as hill sprinting does.

It goes without saying, that you must begin a hill sprint with a detailed, dynamic warm up and end it with some static stretching.

3. Listen to your gut

As with many tough situations outside of fitness, your gut will lead the way in your journey towards getting lean too. Starvation or prolonged fasting will not take you anywhere close to your goals of getting lean swiftly. It is funny how something so basic needs reiteration; however, lack of appetite is not a good sign. If you have tried even one of the fancy fasting diets, you may have completely compromised the sensitivity of your gut in telling you when it required food and when it is fully satiated.

Eat mindfully, at regular intervals, and eat clean. Consuming natural foods like lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and good quality fat will keep your hunger at bay. You can also refer to a wholesome system like the Modere Lean Body System to quell your hunger in a sustainable manner, without major sacrifices.

4. Mix it up

Sometimes it is not what you are doing that hampers achieving your goals, it is something that you are not doing. Your body may have become accustomed to traditional workouts that you have been doing repeatedly. You can spot this yourself. At the end of your move, if you are able to stand up easily and maybe even hold a conversation, it is a clear sign that you have too easy on yourself. Even if it is only one additional move, add it to your routine to spice things up. Here is a little something that maybe you could try, combine barbell complexes with sprints or strongman work.

5. Drink it up

Beverages are filled with sugars and artificial flavors. Be extremely mindful of the beverage you consume. Go all out on the safest beverage, water. According to the Modere Lean Body System, water is a key element in keeping all things lean and flowing just right.

In addition to these golden ways of swiftly, yet safely becoming leaner, you can also consider joining a trustworthy system like the Modere Lean Body System.

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