Three Ways to Use an Abs Stimulator

Abs simulators are a piece of lifestyle equipment that helps users to attain toned muscles under guided usage. They are easy to use and provide good results when complemented by a wholesome diet and cardio exercise. Ab simulators send impulses to the muscles via nerves, unlike regular exercise that sends signals to the brain and then muscles.

For those who dream of six-pack and carved abs, Abs stimulators can be a suggested help. One can start their usage from 15 minutes long and extend to 45 minutes based on their experience with them and comfort levels. If you are new to abs simulators and wondering how to use them, here are three ways to use them for the best results.

Way #1: Study the manufacturer’s guidelines

Either you are using for the first time or used Abs Stimulators of other brands, study the manufacturer guidelines thoroughly as soon as you unbox the kit.

Every make of the ab simulator is different and so it is suggested you take time to understand the dos and don’ts of its usage.

Each instruction manual details the way of its usage and the time for the maximum you can use along with the dietary and exercise-related guidance that you need to adhere to gain proven results.

Way #2: Monitor your body signals

Every human body has its own style of responding to ab stimulators. You should neither compare nor hurry in getting your chiseled abs with an ab simulator. Though you are a relatively fitter person, you should not hurry in attaining the results.

Starting with 10–15-minute sessions as mentioned in the manual, you have to slowly increase the timing noting down the signals your body sends to you. You should also monitor for any slightest discomfort or pain during the usage and reach out to medical advice as soon as possible.

Children and pregnant women should not use the ab simulator. People who have undergone surgeries, suffering from diabetes, or had a delivery in the last 6 months should refrain from using ab simulators.

Way #3: Use them properly as designed

Before using the ab simulator, make sure that the skin is thoroughly clean and dry. If you are not immediately out of a shower, wash the abdomen part and thoroughly pat dry it. Attach the gel stickers to the abdominal part making sure that your hands are free of dirt.

Ensure the contact is good enough for giving grip to the simulator. Stick the simulator around your abdomen as per instructions given in the manual. Start them and slowly feel their working on the muscles. Adjust the provided buttons to your comfort level.

• Use them for a designated time and then carefully remove them and put them back away from children’s reach.

• For longer life of the batteries, remove them from the kit after use and put them back on only while using the simulator.

• Always make sure to keep the device away is away and out of reach of children.

• Contact the customer support team in any case you get a doubt about the usage or feel discomfort while using the device.

• Make sure you buy the ab simulator from a manufacturer who assures quality and a no-nonsense warranty and troubleshooting.

• Always ensure a gap of 6-8 hours between two consecutive usages of the abs stimulator.

• It is always suggested to purchase ab stimulators that are certified by medical authorities.

There have been many instances in the past where ab stimulator companies are charged for non-adherence to safety guidelines and making duping promises. Before purchasing an ab stimulator, if it is a belted model, always make sure to measure your waistline to see if the circumference of the belt fits your waistline without being too loose or too tight.

Abs stimulators need regular usage of 5 days per week for a couple of months before you start noticing the results. You may not expect a six-pack chiseled abs away from the day one of the use.


Ab stimulators are only one way of achieving your waistline goals. A healthy diet and cardio of 30 minutes every day can amp up the results in a healthy way. Never forget to seek the guidance of a doctor before you get started with an ab stimulator.

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